Spartan Accuracy Oil 2 oz.
Modern Spartan Systems

Spartan Accuracy Oil 2 oz.

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Friction is the number one enemy inhibiting shooting performance. The traditional battle against friction has been waged using surface oils, which create a slippery wedge between two metal objects. At best, friction is minimally reduced and lasts only for a few shots before high pressures and temperatures carbonize, remove and nullify the lubricant. The intended goals are simply short lasting and contribute to the build-up of contaminants inside the firearm, which can ultimately cause malfunctions. Spartan Accuracy Oil from MSS uses a unique technology to defeat friction; thereby improving your accuracy and reducing malfunctions on any weapon system.

The proprietary formula uses Nano Shield™ molecular particles with heat activation to penetrate and fill in minuscule pores and gaps in the metal substrate. Effectively, microscopic mountains are reduced to flat plains, minimizing the points of contact. The smoother, harder surface has been shown to reduce friction by up to an “industry changing & revolutionary” 85-90%. Whether during a hunt, at a competition or in the heat of battle, Spartan Accuracy Oil can make a critical world of difference to you - the shooter, and an even more critical difference to the target!
  • Improved shooting consistency and accuracy (lowers standard deviation and spread rate)
  • Fewer malfunctions and more reliable performance
  • Reduced gumming of sand and dirt
  • Unaffected by temperature (Middle-East highs of 115°+ to Alaskan lows of -52°)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Increased muzzle velocity
  • Smoother overall action
  • Lower barrel temperatures (up to 30%+ )
  • Easier and faster cleaning (50-75% less clean-up time due to minimal carbon buildup)
  • Reduced maintenance costs (lower wear and tear on components)
  • Restores surface metal imperfections and extends barrel life
  • Non-flammable – non-corrosive
  • American ingenuity and American made
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