Cooler Salt

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Using rock salt and ice is not anything new. Frostbite has transformed rock salt into a better salt for the cooler industry. The salt is pure and clean unlike the rock salt you normally find in the stores. Just look at the salt and you see how clean it is. The salt helps fight the yuck that builds in coolers. A layer of fast acting salt will quickly pull the freezing point of the ice well below 32 degrees. The Cooler Salt packs are portioned to give you the perfect amount of salt to achieve the cold but not too much to create ice cans.

Cleaner Cooler

How often do you clean your cooler? Once a season, twice, or never? Now you can feel better about serving beverages. Cooler salt naturally helps keep your cooler clean. It is completely safe to touch, eat, or drink! Your cooler is being defended as you are enjoying the benefits of a colder beverage. No more slime!

Fast Acting

The coating reacts faster than normal rock salt, pulling the temperature down extremely fast. You will have colder beverages in 1/3 the time of normal ice. Once the ice reaches its colder temperature, it will stay that way for hours.


Ice forms when the temperature of water reaches 32 degrees. Adding salt to the ice will cause the melting and freezing points of water to lower. The ice will start to absorb energy from the environment to help break bonds between water molecules. Water freezing gives off energy while water melting absorbs energy. As it melts it will cool down. The cooling effect therefore comes from the bonds breaking, taking energy with them.

Ok so you understand the science of rock salt now. Pour in the ice and dump in the salt, right? No, no, no! There is a science to this madness. First, when you pack your cooler so tight with cans that you’re only able to get a half bag of ice in there you are not doing it right. Pack your cooler loosely. That means get a big enough cooler to hold cans and all the ice. Sprinkle a bit of your ice on the bottom. The more surface of the can touching ice the faster it will cool. Next, pack a layer of cans in loosely. Add a bag of ice and sprinkle with Cooler salt. Add another bag of ice and repeat layers until the cooler is full.

Pack your cooler right

Use 10 lbs. of ice per 12 cans.

Your beverage temperature

An average refrigerator cools to 35 to 45 degrees. The average cooler of ice is 32 degrees. When using cooler salt, you can achieve 17 degrees or lower! Once a beverage is removed from a cooler it starts losing its temperature. Within minutes, your beverage is returning to room temperature. The lower the temperature the longer your beverage will stay cold!

If you’re stuck buying room temperature beverages than how long will it take to cool down? 5 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour? Using cooler salt your beverages will be below ice cold in less than 5 minutes. Regular ice will take 15-20 minutes and a refrigerator could take hours. How long do you want to wait?

Using rock salt and ice will give you that perfection! Best of all, if you have a well-built cooler your beverages will stay cold for days! Our bags of salt are portioned to be the perfect amount for up to 20 lbs. of ice. Too much salt and your ice will melt fast and your cans could freeze over.



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