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Solo Scienftific Inc. - Aurora Fire Starter Silver

Solo Scienftific Inc. - Aurora Fire Starter Silver

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Aurora Fire Starter are superior to all other fire starters on the market due to it's design features and function. Many cheap fire starters are not sealed and protected from the elements when not in use but the Aurora Fire Starter is and that is vitally important! The reason being, all ferrocerium or flint-steel type fire starters must be protected from the elements after first use to prevent oxidation to the point of disintegration. Aurora Fire Starters will last you a lifetime!  Aurora Fire Starters have many more desirable features.

Created and manufactured by Solo Scientific Inc. in the USA to be used to start your campfires (also a must to be prepared for emergencies). Their goal was to design and manufacture the best all-around survival fire starter in the world and they have absolutely done it! AEROSPACE QUALITY, Aurora Fire Starter™ (US Patent Numbers. 8202085, 8186995) is a true survival tool and will work in any environment that will support life! Works wet or dry! 

Made in USA

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