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Modern Spartan Sytems POSEI-Clean Fishing Reel Super Cleaner 2 oz.

Modern Spartan Sytems POSEI-Clean Fishing Reel Super Cleaner 2 oz.

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Poseidon-like Power to clean & protect & maximize the performance of fishing reels! 

These advanced penetrating formulas are meant to be used as a team to deep clean, strengthen, reduce friction and protect the metal components in fishing reels at the molecular level.

  • Optimum Smoothness
  • Optimize RELIABILITY
  • Optimize Performance
  • Extend reel life – get it?

 Posei Clean advantages:

  • Designed to remove dirt, oils and light grease
  • Removes salts, chlorides and minerals
  • Removes natural & synthetic compounds
  • Penetrates deep into the bearings and gears… to clean out micro pores and gaps
  • Water-based solvent - safe on all metals, most plastics, rubber…
  • Earth & people friendly
  • American ingenuity & American made at its BEST

Your fishing reel is a “tool”.  When used as a "system", our products MAXIMIZE the performance of that "tool", which ensures you additional advantages and opportunities to catch fish.  The ENEMIES that diminish the “tool’s” ability to perform at a maximum level are CONTAMINANTS (dirt, sand, salts…) and FRICTION.  The unique chemistry we have is phenomenal.  Posei-Clean penetrates deep into the pores of the substrate to remove contaminants, leaving NO residue, even of itself, and opening up the surface to absorb the Posei-Slick.  The Posei-Slick penetrates and changes the surface structure of the parts being lubricated.  It makes them harder and smoother, which reduces friction up to 85-90% (magnitudes better than other products).

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