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Line Cutterz Rings

Line Cutterz Rings

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A ring worn on the finger that cuts fishing line is finally here! Sleek, adjustable ring with double-sided blade perfect for quick and efficient cutting of mono-filament and braided fishing line.  Great for all types of fishing including kayak fishing, surf fishing, chartered fishing and ocean fishing.

Line Cutterz introduces a revolutionary ring that cuts fishing line! It is a sleek, adjustable ring with two recessed blades which are perfect for safe and efficient cutting on mono-filament and braided fishing line.  Whether you are cutting fishing line to put on a new tackle or trimming off the tag line after tying on a lure or hook, Line Cutterz means no more fumbling around for clippers, knives, scissors or using your teeth.  The ring is so comfortable you will forget you have it on except when you need it!  Line Cutterz is perfect for every type of freshwater or saltwater fishing, and especially great for kayak and night fishing!


  • Velcro adjustable strap to fit all sizes
  • Two-sided stainless steel blades and stainless steel rivet set in a black ABS plastic for ultimate durability and safety
  • Warning: This product is not a toy and not intended for children.
*Note: Packaging may vary.

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