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Bait2Go Bait Holding System

Bait2Go Bait Holding System

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Bait2Go - The complete bait holding system is designed to make fishing easier for all anglers. With a simple twist and hook motion, fresh bait is easily retrieved. Easy and efficient, re-bait your hook one handed in less time than any other product on the market.  Affix virtually anywhere - fishing boats, canoes, pontoon boats, kayaks, Sea-Doo's and Jet Skis, docks, ice huts and even carry it on your belt. Works with any type of bait (live or dead).

Bait-2-Go was designed to add convenience to all fishermen and to make bait management easy for everyone, from kids to seniors!

Bait-2-Go can hold various forms of bait, including minnows, leeches, night crawlers, wax worms, meal worms, crayfish, shrimp (for surf casting or fishing the flats), maggots, crickets, carp bait, etc. With its newly patented design, it can be used/mounted practically anywhere!

How It Works

Remove the top cap, and with a simple lift and twist motion of the side bar, your scoop is accessible for fast and easy bait retrieval. Once you’ve baited your hook, simply re-twist the side bar and let the scoop return to its position inside the Bait2Go. To refresh the water, remove the bottom cap and let it drain. Then, submerse Bait2Go for a few seconds to fill it again. It’s that simple! (you may also refill it from the top!)


  • Refreshing water made easy by removing bottom lid to let water out and then submerging to fill.
  • Belt slit on side of unit: used to fish from shore or river’s edge or used to walk through trail while being hands free of unit to be able to bring other fishing gear.
  • Never lose the top cap since it is attached with a string.
  •  Put ice or oxygen puck below scoop to keep bait fresh.
  • Thread a string (or fish chain hook) through hole on side of unit and leave it in the water to keep bait fresh (useful when done for the day, or going for shore lunch, or trolling, etc…).
  • Very versatile since it could be fastened to practically any vessel by various methods of attachments.




Bait-2-Go can hold various forms of bait, including minnows, leeches, worms, crayfish, shrimp, maggots, frogs etc. With its newly patented design, it can be used practically anywhere!

With Bait-2-Go, you can bait your hook in less time than with any other bait holder available.


          Worms                                     Leeches                            Maggots  


          Minnows                                Shrimp                                 Crayfish


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5 Stars
“Convenient & Effective”. Unboxing the Bait-2-Go System was very exciting. The contents were heavier, well made and more durable than we had initially thought. What may have appeared in the online photo as a lightweight, ends up blowing us out of the water! The product is built to last and performs as advertised. When the manufacturer's state that the Bait-2-Go can be attached to nearly any object/surface they really aren't kidding. You can literally fish from the seat of your car! Serious thought and ingenuity went into the simple yet complex design of this product. Genius really. The cup- like bait holder is designed to affix to most surfaces. With that being said, attaching the suction cups should be well thought-out prior to entering any water. *Under most conditions, the Bait-2-Go would float. We eagerly attached the system to our kayaks, added bait and with ease accessed the nightcrawlers one handed. Wow! What angler out there would disagree to having a free hand for the unexpected hawgs on the other end of their lines? That's a huge plus in our opinion. The designer adds the convenience of a bottom lid. With the addition of live bait the versatility becomes endless. You now have the ability to substantially increase the longevity of minnows , leeches and those baits needing oxygenation while saving money and the earth! Another great way to utilize the Bait-2-Go is through storage. We have kept our worms in the system. The remainder of the unused worms remain alive and well after three days on the coldest shelf of our refrigerator. Ordinarily our worms freeze in the styrofoam containers. One of the best features of the product is the sliding basket that is neatly nestled within the cups design. More design detail for one handed operation. Bait-2-Go is a good product with a nice price. We agree the device is for all ages. Our family found the product fun to use and just easy to operate especially one handed! A great product with a nice price. We love ours!
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Reviewed by:  from Culbertson. on 10/15/2016

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